What Is Your Claim Worth?

To insurance companies, you are just a number. Insurance companies evaluate many factors to determine what a car wreck claim is worth. The insurance companies' "offer" for any claim is just simple economics. If the insurance company believes that the victim's "demand" to settle is more than a panel of jurors would award, the insurance company will not pay that "demand", regardless of the negligence of their insured or the severity of the victim's injuries.

The main factor in determining the value of your case is whether the insurance companies' insured was actually at fault. An insurance company will deny liability if their insured is not at fault and therefore, they will not put a value on your claim. On this note, a favorable police report or independent witness will boost the value of your car wreck claim.

Property damage is also another factor to determine the value of your case. Although completely false, insurance companies believe that if the property damage is minor, there is no way that an occupant of a vehicle could be hurt. Insurers do not want a panel of jury members to see pictures of a major car wreck. The more severe your property damage is, the more value your case is worth to the insurer.

Another factor in determining the value of your case is the victim's medical bills and records. The more serious the medical diagnosis is, the more value the insurance company would place on your claim. Fractures, herniation(s), loss of consciousness/head trauma, miscarriages, and death all add value to a victim's claim.

A victim's ability to work and do the same activities as he or she did before the car wreck is also a factor. If a victim can prove that he or she could not work for a certain amount of time after the car wreck, usually by way of medical records, the value of his or her claim is higher. Further, the value of a claim is also higher with testimony regarding a victim's inability to do the same activities or hobbies that he or she could do before the car wreck.

One of the bigger factors in determining the value of your claim is what Matthew Pillado PLLC likes to call "aggravating" or "piss-off" factors. These are factors that the insurance companies hate. Insurers do not want a panel of jurors to consider these factors when deliberating your potential award at trial. These factors include drunk driving, driving while distracted (i.e. texting), fleeing the scene of the incident, speeding, and having children in your vehicle.

Regardless of the factors that insurance companies weigh in placing a dollar amount on your claim, the experienced attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC will fight tooth and nail to get you compensated for your medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, physical impairment, permanent disfigurement, property damage, loss of use of your vehicle, and the diminution in value of your vehicle.