Hit By A Drunk Driver

If you are hit by a drunk driver you should immediately dial 911 and ask for officer assistance and for medical assistance. It is important for you to get checked out regardless of how you feel at the time. You may still be injured and just not know that you are injured yet. Read all about late-onset wreck injuries. Safety first; get yourself checked out by the paramedics/EMT.

If possible, document the entire incident with photos or videos. Use your smartphone to record conversations, take video and photos. This documentation will assist the investigating officer make his report as well as help you in your personal injury case against the drunk driver and possibly the establishment that over-served the drunk driver.

Be careful as sometimes drunk drivers can be belligerent. If the drunk driver does not want you to call police, you should still call police to get a police report and for your own protection.

Insurance companies hate when their insured is caught drunk driving. Insurers typically know that if their insured is caught drunk driving, it means that they have to pay their policy limits. The policy limits vary depending on their policies, so it is hard to determine the exact amount.