Car Wrecks

Why You Need An Attorney

Insurance companies are a for-profit business. They do not care about your physical or mental health. They do not care that their insured's negligence caused you property damage, medical expenses, physical pain and mental anguish, physical impairment, permanent disfigurement and/or lost wages. They are just worried about their bottom line. The experienced attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC will fight to ensure that you receive every dollar that you are entitled to. Insurance companies have attorneys on staff, you should too.

What To Do When You Are In A Car Wreck

The first thing you should do when you are injured in car wreck is to seek medical treatment. Secondly, you should call the police so that they can investigate the car wreck and determine who was at fault. This second step is vital as insurance companies will wrongfully deny claims to avoid paying on a claim if there is disputed testimony about the car wreck. The third thing you should do after a car wreck is to seek legal representation so that they will fight to ensure you get a fair settlement or judgment for the damages caused by another driver's negligence.

Your Rights

When you are injured in a car wreck, the laws of Texas allow you to recover certain economic damages. These damages include payment of your property damage, loss of use of your vehicle, the diminution in value of your vehicle, medical expenses, physical pain and suffering in the past and in the future, mental anguish in the past and in the future, permanent disfigurement, physical impairment in the past and future, lost wages and loss of earning capacity. The experienced attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC will ensure that you recover every dollar you are owed by another's negligence.

What Insurance Companies Do Not Want You To Know

Insurance companies do not want you to know of your rights which are detailed above. Insurance companies do not want you to know that you are entitled to be compensated for not only the injuries you sustained in a car wreck, but also for how your life has changed because of those injuries. You are entitled to monetary compensation for the pain you had to feel due to someone else's negligence and for the everyday things that you can no longer do.

Reason Why Matthew Pillado PLLC Will Never Use The Word "Accident"

Matthew Pillado PLLC will never use the word "accident". The word "accident" presumes that no party is at fault. The vast majority of car wrecks are caused by one driver's negligence. Matthew Pillado PLLC understands this and is the reason why the attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC fight as hard as they do for you. You are the victim and you should be compensated for all of your damages.

Reason To Choose Matthew Pillado PLLC

The experienced attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC will fight for every dollar you deserve. We will fight for the injuries and damages you sustained through absolutely no fault of your own. We are able to take every case to trial if needed. No car wreck is too big or too small for Matthew Pillado PLLC. Further, our goal is to make the legal process as easy, efficient and convenient as possible. We understand that this is a stressful time for the victims of car wrecks and we are committed to make it as stress-free as possible through open client communication. We understand that communication is key to a healthy attorney-client relationship. Matthew Pillado PLLC is open 24 hours a day and we have a team of experienced attorneys and staff that will be on call at any time.

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