Payment Plans Available

For most legal services plans are available.

About Payment Plans For Legal Services

At Matthew Pillado PLLC, we understand that legal troubles happen at the most inopportune times. No regular person creates a savings account in case they need to hire a lawyer. Our law firm offers payment plans for our clients to get them the representation they need with their budget in mind. This is one of the reasons we do not standardize our legal fees. We do this because we understand that each case we take on is different, requiring different resources, time and amount of work. What our legal team will do is go over the charges, estimate the amount of time the case will take, estimate the resources the case will require, and generate a quote. Our attorneys strive to provide the best legal defense at a fair price, so we will not try to overcharge or overquote you.

Call Or Text Today And Get Details 800-672-3911

To get started, you can call our office at 800-672-3911. You will be connected to our legal assistants so they can gather some basic information about the case and provide it to one of our qualified attorneys. The attorney will review the information before meeting with you, either over the phone or in-person, to discuss the facts of the case and quote a reasonable fee.

After receiving the quote, our firm requires a down payment of half the estimated quote to proceed with your case. This payment will go toward resources needed for the case, such as tests, research or other expenses of the legal process. After the initial down payment is given, we will work with you to find a monthly fee installment plan that is reasonable for you and your financial situation.

At Matthew Pillado PLLC, we understand that people are down on their luck when they run into legal trouble. Legal help isn't help at all if the fees are too high and inflexible. This is why our firm will provide the financial flexibility you need to afford the legal representation you deserve.