Federal Crimes

Regardless of the circumstances, being charged with a federal crime is stressful. You need strategic, focused legal support that is ready to start now.

Matthew Pillado PLLC is prepared to defend Texas individuals throughout sensitive federal cases. Our knowledgeable lawyers are determined to reach the optimal outcome given your situation. We will fight immediately to lower or eliminate the charges, and we will keep fighting in trial to protect your rights.

How Are Federal Crimes Different From State Crimes?

A federal crime is a violation of a federal law. It may or may not also violate state law — so long as it concerns federal property.

Common examples of federal criminal cases include:

  • White collar crime such as securities fraud
  • Violent crime that spans multiple states
  • Terrorism
  • Major drug trafficking
  • Immigration offenses
  • Tax evasion

As with crimes at the state level, the potential penalties of a federal crime depend on the charges. Some offenses carry fines while others carry life imprisonment. It is vital to seek help from a skilled attorney to work toward avoiding the harshest penalties. Matthew Pillado PLLC knows what it takes to fight federal charges.

Ready To Find And Refute Complex Evidence

To win a conviction, federal prosecutors need solid evidence. In federal cases, they may bring up documents or events that encompass several individuals or businesses, and the evidence could span several years.

Our Hurst legal team will pay close attention throughout your case. We will carefully examine the prosecution's strategy to find potential holes, and we will call them into question. Their job is to find proof beyond a reasonable doubt; our job is to honor your rights by challenging every argument they make.

Call Us For Swift Action

Your defense begins the moment that investigators suspect you of a crime. Securing legal support as early in your case as possible is instrumental. Schedule a free consultation online or call us at 800-672-3911 to talk to an accomplished criminal defense attorney. We have offices in Hurst, Irving and Dallas to serve clients in Texas.