Clearing Or Reducing Charges

Nobody should suffer consequences that they do not deserve. If you face charges that surpass the evidence against you, it is vital to fight for fairness.

At Matthew Pillado PLLC, we know that a good lawyer should pursue every option that could help you. Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to getting our clients' charges reduced or dropped whenever possible. We also work both before and after trial to lower bond and seal criminal records. Let us thoroughly assess your case to determine potential solutions.

How Can You Eliminate Criminal Charges?

For most cases, our first step is to pursue dismissal of charges to help you avoid trial entirely. Preventing a criminal conviction requires a compelling argument in your favor. A judge or prosecutor may dismiss your charges if there is not enough evidence to connect you to the crime or if the statute of limitations is over.

Our assertive attorneys can work to cast doubt on any existing evidence. Depending on the situation, we may be able to show that certain evidence against you should not be admissible in court. We can also search for alternatives when they may be available, which may involve therapy, treatment or community service.

When Is It Possible To Reduce Charges?

If the prosecution offers a plea bargain, they may offer a lighter sentence or lower charge in exchange for a plea. A plea bargain does not benefit everyone, however: If the prosecution would not have enough compelling evidence to convict you, pleading guilty would lead to an unnecessary conviction.

Therefore, it is vital to consult your attorney about your options. You do not need to accept the plea unless it is clearly in your best interests. We can begin seeking reduction of charges in aggressive pretrial negotiations.

Consider The Possibilities Of Your Case Today

When you face criminal charges in Texas, you might not have to simply accept the charges and hope for the best outcome in trial. Instead, you may work with a lawyer to lower the severity of the situation.

Based in Hurst, our law firm focuses on seizing every opportunity possible that could help you. Get a free consultation by contacting us online or calling 800-672-3911 as early in your case as you can. We have three office locations to serve individuals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Hurst and Irving.