Case Results

"My son Markus and I had such an amazing experience with Mr. Pillado. He was always on time and always giving it his all. He was able to drop a felony to a misdemeanor. Why? Because he was always on it and getting all the facts. Best attorney ever - thanks again, Mr. Pillado."

-Stella Garza

"My experience with Artemio at Matthew Pillado PLLC was exceptional from day one. He took the time to explain every step we had to take and made sure I was updated frequently throughout the whole process. It's a comforting feeling knowing that I had an excellent team standing with me during my situation."

-Stephanie Carillo

"I owe Matthew Pillado PLLC my freedom. My case was very difficult and they were able to get it dismissed. There are no words to express how I really feel. Thank you especially to Aroosa who handled it very professionally - she kept me calm and stayed patient when I felt frustrated."

-Richard Oviedo

"I contacted this firm during a time of chaos in my life. I was struck by a city truck in my town and they helped me get compensation for this. The whole process was super easy and Mr. Fernandez was absolutely attentive when I had any questions. I would not go anywhere else in the future. Great team of people at Matthew Pillado PLLC."

-Ashley Russell

"Matthew Pillado PLLC was a beacon of hope during a very dark and difficult time. Not only did Matthew and his associates defend and dismiss a heavy county charge - they happily took control of a city charge I wasn't aware of. I am eternally grateful for his outstanding service but also for his support."

-Brian Manjarrez

"I cannot express enough of my gratitude to Matthew Pillado and his team. I was recently arrested and charged with a DWI in Parker County, Weatherford - this town does not mess around with DWIs. Matthew and his team came in and brought the heat to fight for me and managed to get my DWI dismissed."

-Johnathan Un

"I received exceptional service from Matthew Pillado PLLC. Mr. Artemio Fernandez ensured my health and well-being was the main priority throughout this case all while making sure I was compensated for my injuries, loss of wages, vehicle damage, and time. I highly recommend Matthew Pillado PLLC if you or your loved one has been in a vehicle accident."

-Edward Johnson

"After a year of battling a false domestic assault charge this firm worked tooth and nail to get my case dismissed. The lawyers are super friendly and work with your budget. Today they saved my life entirely. I recommend this firm 100% - they are my official attorneys now."

-Willie Williams

"El abogado Matthew Pillado y todo su equipo de trabajo son delo mejor. Te tratan muy bien y siempre te hablan con la verdad. Si el abogado te dise que te ayuda es porke asi sera, es el abogado mas honesto ke he conosido y sus secretarias y asistentes son muy amables y profesionales."

-Eduardo Alegria

"Me siento muy agradecida licenciado Matthew Pillado por su excelente trabajo. Gracias asu Experiencia, y honestidad sobre todo sabiduría ganó mi caso ante la corte, dejando mi récord limpio y sin ningún problema. Es usted una persona digna de recomendarlo ante cualquier tipo de problema. Una vez más estoy muy agradecida, gracias mil gracias a usted y asu excelente equipo de trabajo."

-Lorena Gómez